November This and That: How To Lose a Blog in 30 Days

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a few days now. And then I didn’t.

It’s a pity really, it was going to be a truly wonderful read. About how my life is turning out to be so incredibly exciting, that it’s just unrealistic to expect I’d find the time to actually blog about it. You would have loved it, every badly spelled word of it. She’s so interestingly busy, you would have thought, if only I could be exactly like her! If only my boring little existence didn’t allow for hours upon hours of 9gag browsing and Pretty Little Liars marathons! If only I weren’t such a loser.

I sigh. Imagining other people’s lives are lamer than mine, unlikely as that is, gives me a strange sense of accomplishment. It hasn’t all been for nothing. In this super duper whose-life-is-cooler competition, I at least haven’t finished last.

And then I turn back to the matter at hand.

I haven’t had the most miraculous of Novembers. I haven’t been living the dream, any dream, for the past month.

I’ve just been living.

At times, it’s been interesting. Like when V’s sister and her husband visited for a week, and they didn’t like to do anything we liked to do, or eat anything we ate, or my very innocent swearing, and went to bed before 9PM every night. And then they broke our guest bed (don’t ask, I’ve got half a dozen unconfirmed theories about how that happened!) and left. Then at times, it’s been boring. Like going through our every day house-hunting-queueing-not-getting-enough-sleep-sticking-to-a-budget-figuring-out-what-to-order-for-dinner-fighting-over-every-small-thing-just-so-we-can-ignore-the-big-things-for-a-little-while-longer business. And of course, at times, it’s been plain old depressing. Like booking flights for our Romanian winter holidays and realizing they cost us more than if we decided to spend Christmas in London, shopping til we dropped, eating out every night and drinking ourselves into oblivion.

As always, just when I was starting to come to terms with my November, it turned out December had sneaked up on me when I wasn’t looking (too busy clicking my way through 9gag, I bet!). And with this brand new, beautiful month came a lot of beautiful things. For once, tons of food, some of which I even cooked myself, go figure. December 1st being Romania’s National Day, V. and I decided to invite ourselves to the home of our only two Romanian friends in this country, and by way of pretending to help them prepare some national Romanian dishes, pretty much eat their food and drink their booze and voice our complaints about all things Romanian, whether they were willing to listen or not. Whether they’ll ever be calling us again I don’t know, but at least we’re all a couple of pounds fatter than we started, so this year’s national celebrations have been quite the success in my book.

And now that you’ve had a glimpse of my extraordinary past few weeks, hold your enthusiastic applause for a few seconds longer, while I present to you a sneak peek into what’s coming up next in this exciting world of mine.

Everything is pretty much still green here, but seemingly overnight they’ve put up a million billion little Christmas lights. They’re everywhere, including on top of my desk at work, where they blink away continuously and sing a bunch of tiny holiday songs in a loop. The blinking can’t be turned off, nor the happy music, which is great, because I hear they’re really good at pumping super duper holiday spirit into numb, pitiful souls like mine, and holiday spirit is what all the hype’s about these days. If all that works out, I’ll be all high on holiday spirit and traveling to Romania in a couple of weeks, where hopefully the local armies of Christmas lights will be reflecting their awesome blinking in a couple of healthy layers of snow. I’ve probably forgotten what snow feels like by now, but I’m sure I’ll remember soon enough. I’ll be attempting a bit of snowboarding and trying my best to survive the yearly holiday family drama, and then I’ll be making my way back to London, all rejuvenated and frostbite free. I’ll try to write throughout it all but you know I can’t be relied upon.

My Christmas lights installation is just about to start playing “Jingle Bells!” so I’ll leave you for now and focus all my attention, for the 80th time today, on the beautiful holiday spirited music. Jingle all the way!

One thought on “November This and That: How To Lose a Blog in 30 Days

  1. blinking little lights and Christmas songs in a loop! do you honestly think that anyone on this planet would like to be you? 😀
    I’d rather stick to our shitty weather, potty training and burning the family dinner once in a while 🙂 I cherish my office hours, they remain my sanity island in a sea of .. well.. everything motherhood implies.


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