December This and That: It’s Raining Bullet Points

I haven’t been writing for a while and I feel incredibly rusty.

  • There’s been very little snow in Romania and I haven’t had a chance to practise any winter sports. So I’ve spent my time off stuffing myself with home made sausages and sweets. I am now geeky AND fat, which, I guess, is progress. Thanks mum!
  • I’ve set absolutely no New Year Resolutions, apart from the yearly Goodreads challenge of 75 books, which is probably way too optimistic for this year (considering I’m way too fat and lazy to even turn pages), but we’ll see.
  • We’re still looking to buy a house/flat/tent (at this point our standards are becoming pretty low) and we’re consistently bickering throughout the process. I’m considering suggesting to V. that we start fighting in English. At least that way we’d get a chance to practise our English swearwords, and those always come in handy in work meetings, don’t they?
  • Speaking of work. There’s very little to do at the moment therefore I have become quite the YouTube expert. Be proud. Be very proud.
  • In the meantime, it’s raining. All. The. Time. For weeks now. As expected, my optimism is reaching new heights.

One thought on “December This and That: It’s Raining Bullet Points

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