Top of the Pile #1: Fifty Plants that Changed the Course of History

I bought this book from the Kew Gardens shop before Christmas, during a visit with a friend who happens to be a Doctor in Biology. I guess I felt quite dumb as he was pointing out and naming (in Latin, go figure!) every single leaf we happened to walk by, and I decided I needed to broaden my botanical horizons.

Apart from fiction, I mainly just read history and technical books, so this plant centred anthology is a first. I managed to get halfway through it in one sitting, this Sunday, during one of these armageddon style bouts of rain we’ve been having lately. And although I doubt I’ll be able to identify falling leaves on my way to and from work from now on, I’ve enjoyed the book so far and will probably finish it before the end of the week.

Since I don’t get to visit Kew Gardens as often as I’d like, I took advantage of the impromptu shopping session and also got a potted african violet and an aloe vera plant, which brings the count of my indoor plants to a total of four. I’m hoping the fact that I haven’t killed any of them yet means I’m super duper responsible and ready for a baby. Or do I still need to test my maternal instincts on a goldfish first? I should probably get the Fifty Fish that Changed The Course of History anthology before that, just to be safe.

One thought on “Top of the Pile #1: Fifty Plants that Changed the Course of History

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