Top of the Pile #2: And the Mountains Echoed

I bought this book in Kindle format during an Amazon sale day, and it’s been on my Kindle for some months now. In fact, it’s been on all three of my Kindles: my first, old but reliable one I gave to my friend Alex after I’d gotten my second and improved one as a birthday gift from V. And then the second Kindle got stolen, so And the Mountains Echoed moved onto my third and present Kindle, where it resided untouched until yesterday. As I was browsing for a new read after I’d finished the plant book, I came across it and thought to myself: Hosseini… That sure sounds familiar. – and I remembered I’d read his fist novel, The Kite Runner, what felt like a century ago (in fact, Goodreads claims it was in 2008) during a Christmas holiday at my parents house in Romania.

Now, I know everybody adored The Kite Runner, but to be honest, I had mixed feelings about it at the time. And that’s because I saw it all coming. There was no surprise, there was no thrill for me, and though I must admit the book was very well written, the story itself left me wishing for more. I expect that’s why I bought and then instantly forgot all about And the Mountains Echoed.

The new me though, the 2014 me, is no longer a superficial-prejudiced-excuse-of-a-reader, and is giving this book the blank slate it deserves. I’ll be carrying it back and forth in my backpack for the coming days/weeks, so keep your fingers crossed for Hosseini and me, may our acquaintance kindle into a super-duper-awesome friendship!

One thought on “Top of the Pile #2: And the Mountains Echoed

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