Top of the Pile #5: The Railway Man

Yes, I know they’ve made a movie based on this one. Yes, it was the movie trailer (Colin Firth FTW!) that made me look into it to begin with, and a really nice Amazon preview read that made me click Deliver to Kindle.

As you may have guessed by now, considering all my previous Top of the Pile posts, I’ve been trying oh so hard to resist buying new books these days. It’s not just that I’m obsessively trying to spend as little as possible right now, house hunting in mind and all that, but I’ve also got tons of books just lying around (especially on my Kindle) that I’ve been purposefully ignoring since forever. So this month I’ve pretty much gone through several of what I thought would be meh books. Some of them actually turned out all right, but this time, this time I wanted something I had a feeling I’d fall in love with. Hence why I went on this crazy spending spree and paid, wait for it…, almost £3 for The Railway Man.

Now, I’ve only read 6% of it according to my Kindle, but I really really like it so far. In fact, I did something that seems to be turning into a dangerous habit lately, and read it while I was walking to the bus stop this morning. Of course it made me miss the bus (walking & reading I can live with, but running & reading is a bit too crazy, even for me), so then I got on the tube, and onto a different bus, and managed to get off it a stop too late. So I guess I was really into it. I suppose I’ll finish it this weekend, and then will have to go back to reading all the stuff I dread again. But until then, I’m feeling quite optimistic about The Railway Man, as much as it’s dented my January budget. Oh well, no more life sized bags of Doritos for a while.


I managed to finish Mrs Dalloway last night, and not without effort. It was a slow read, but more than that, it caught me a bit off guard I guess. I’ve been feeling a bit down this week and, perhaps predictably, this book made it sightly worse. So I found myself avoiding it in the evenings and turning to this month’s National Geographic, or just silly YouTube videos, in an effort to bring my mood up. I’ve managed to finish it though (3.5 stars), so hopefully there are brighter happier times ahead.

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