Top of the Pile #6: The Poisonwood Bible

Originally, I’d wanted to read Kingsolver’s Flight Behaviour, a recommended literary prize winner on Amazon’s Kindle storefront. But by the time I was just about to click the lovely orange button and have it delivered to my tablet, my internet connection died and didn’t recover for a couple of hours afterwards. This happens more often than you’d think, so if by any chance any of you happen to work for super duper Virgin Media, do listen to this hopeless cry of mercy from a long time, awfully distressed customer, and get your sh*t together, or else. Or else, I tell you!

So anyway. As I haven’t managed to buy any juicy reads today, I turned again to my old Kindle library, and go figure, I actually stumbled upon another Barbara Kingsolver book I had no idea I had (Hopeless book hoarder, you say? Oh well…) – The Poisonwood Bible. I have absolutely no recollection of when I got it and why I never stumbled upon it before. Especially since I already read Kingsolver’s The Lacuna and absolutely loved it, and was actively looking for more of her works.

So I’m now positively engulfed in The Poisonwood Bible, and will most likely continue to be so for a while. It’s a 600 page book after all. Plus, it’s getting colder and colder these days and I can no longer read while waiting for the bus without risking some oh so very unfashionable frostbites. But what am I if not a born risk taker?


I finished The Railway Man last night, and I ended up liking it quite a bit. Actually, like is probably not the best word for it, as it can be quite difficult read a times, with lots of graphic, horrifyingly violent episodes. But I very much enjoyed the writing, and the true life story was positively overwhelming. Towards the end (my Kindle said I had about 10 minutes left to read), I was alone in the flat and I began reading out loud. I sometimes do that when I really like the writing style, go ahead, make fun of me. But anyway, as I was reading and coming towards the end, I had tears in my eyes and my voice was breaking, so I had to stop and finish it silently, because I’m silly like that.

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