Life or Something Like It

Dear girls who wear your classy business suits with sneakers and backpacks, then change into sexy heels as the tube reaches your stop.

I am one of you now.

I don’t know how it happened, really. I used to laugh at you, my fashionable superior laugh, as your feet were resting in ugly worn out sport shoes, and mine were looking their sexiest in fabulous leather court pumps. I used to feel sorry for you, dragging along those horribly stuffed laptop backpacks of yours, like you were on a run from some deadly natural disaster, and not just on your way to your windowless, air conditioned, perfectly comfortable offices. Poor girlies, I thought, they’re not cut out for a 21st century career woman’s life. But I was. Oh, if only you’d seen me then. I was the career woman you see in movies. Not a speck of dust, not a blister. Everything in its perfectly defined, tasteful place.

I am now so far from this 24/7 fashion aware version of myself, that I often doubt it’s ever been part of me to begin with.

This weekend I bought a new backpack. Since I’ve had to accept that I was not the image-of-perfection career woman, but more like the backpack-sneakers-no-hairstyle-to-speak-of career woman, I decided I’d at least do it in style. So I am now the proud owner of color coordinated backpack and sneakers. Stuffed in my super duper backpack, I’ve got the day’s pair of fabulous shoes, which I change into before the bus reaches my stop in the morning. There’s a bunch of us on the bus who do it, and we share kind, understanding smiles with each other, delicately forcing our blister prone feet into their blister causing sexy shoes. It’s a sad life.


I would have posted a photo of my soon to be famous backpack and sneakers combo, but they’re not the sexiest of things and I’d rather have you think of me as the super duper image of seduction I’m working oh so very hard to portray on this blog.

3 thoughts on “Life or Something Like It

  1. I am stubborn enough to wear my sexy shoes the whole day, and then in the evening to wish for a short circus-training program, one that will teach me how to walk in my hands πŸ™‚
    only sometimes, when I am really tired or sick, I carry a spare ballerina pair in my bag.
    I never did that before, just this passed summer. maybe because I’m getting older, or smarter πŸ™‚


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