Top of the Pile #7: Dear Life

Yesterday, super duper V. surprised me with 3 books from my Amazon Wish List. I know, he’s pretty amazing. The timing was just right too, as I’d only just finished The Poisonwood Bible, and was reluctantly going back and forth the unread books I already had on my Kindle, unimpressed by any of them.

So this unexpected lovely gift containing The Lowland ( Jhumpa Lahiri ), The Luminaries ( Eleanor Catton ), and Dear Life ( Alice Munro ) came as a little miracle at a time when I’m surrounded by somewhat uninteresting literature and I’m too cheap to pay for interesting one.

So this week I’m reading Dear Life. I haven’t read anything of Munro’s before, and also no short stories in months, so it will be a nice change from my recent pattern.


I really really really liked The Poisonwood Bible (4 stars!).

The different narrator styles took a while getting used to, and at 600+ pages it’s a substantial read, but my oh my is Kingsolver making her way onto my favourite authors list. It’s been a very different experience than my previous contact with her writing ( The Lacuna ), but really I’ve always preferred this kind of versatility to a more consistent writing style. Especially when it’s oh so versatile and oh so very good every time, as Kingsolver is turning out to be.

It’s taken me forever to finish The Poisonwood Bible though. I do most of my reading on my commuting route to and from work, and these days the weather’s been so cold and wet, 24 hours downpours and freezing gales, that even in the warm stuffy safety of a tube car all you can think of is to keep yourself at a safe distance from everybody’s dripping umbrellas, and hope for less of a downpour by the time you reach your stop. I rarely ever got my Kindle out of my backpack. There’s also been a lovely 48 hour tube strike this week ( and plans for another one next week, yay ) so I guess most commuters had a chance to catch up on their reading during their now 3 hours longer trips to work. Not me though, as my route was largely unaffected. So I’ve only been reading a little bit before bedtime every day, and it definitely showed.

It doesn’t look like the weather’s getting any better any time soon so these Top of the Pile posts might not come as often as I’d like them to, but I’m definitely not giving them up.

6 thoughts on “Top of the Pile #7: Dear Life

  1. Interesting!
    The Pulitzer Prize Winner,the Booker Prize Winner and the Nobel Prize winner for literature! 😀
    You’ve read many great books in your life,so I’ll be looking forward to your reviews of those you’ve mentioned above!
    I would love to read them,but I already have a pile of books awaiting me!


    • Haha, I doubt V. knows they’ve won all those prizes, it’s probably a coincidence that he’s picked precisely these ones out of my wish list.

      Weather was pretty much horrible today so I’m actually almost halfway through Dear Life, but my book pile is still absolutely huge. I know I complain about not having anything interesting to read, but I think I’ve got about 60 books on my Kindle only. 🙂


  2. I’m excited to see how you transition from a 600 page novel to Monroe’s short stories. So much power in every sentence! I actually wrote a review of “Dear Life” recently, too, I’d love to compare notes when you’re finished!


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