50 Stories of Little Consequence

You know what? This marks my very own 50th post on London Geek.

– applause break –

I know I know, it means nothing in the big scheme of bloggy things, but it’s 49 more posts than I thought I’d be able to come up with in, like, ever. So yay for me!

Note to self on this extra special day: Write a huge, super duper funny post to let people know they’re more than welcome to correct my dodgy blogging English. Insist on the fact that I won’t use my Romanian mafia connections to make them pay if they dare to.

Note to self 2: Post something about vampires / Vampire Diaries / tips to dating a teenage werewolf. Surely it’s the only reason people stop by, Romania being so famously vampire friendly and all.

Note to self 3: It would be really lame if this were my last post, after all this I’m-so-cool-I-wrote-50-posts-bow-down-to-me-everybody business. Try and make it to at least 51.

8 thoughts on “50 Stories of Little Consequence

    • Haha, thanks, though it feels like I haven’t been as much fun to be around lately. I am working on improving my mood though, stuffing myself with buckets of ice cream and what not, so hopefully I’ll be back to my regular optimistic self soon enough! 🙂 Glad you like the new look, I felt it needed a bit of color. It’s already getting tricky finding photos of myself where you can’t see my face though. :))


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