In the Air!

Yesterday we quickly dropped by our local M&S shop after work, to get V. his vital daily dose of chocolate coated sugar.

Now, I may not have mentioned this before, but V. is by far the pickiest sweet toothed human being ever to walk the earth, so it took us forever to find something more, as he put it, masculine looking, in what turned out to be an endless sea of bright pink, heart shaped, Be my Valentine themed calorie bombs.

I’m not the biggest chocolate fan myself and anyway I’ve been on a very strict non spending spree lately. So I haven’t been out much, and somehow managed to completely forget it was Valentine’s frenzy time. I know I know, I’m a terrible disappointment to the human race. But before you start with your “Your soul is as dry as a dry fig! Valentine’s Day is such an amazing, life changing holiday, second only to No Pants Day!” speeches, let me explain myself.

We don’t have Valentine’s Day in Romania. I mean, Communism finally gone and a million February romcoms later, we’re starting to get the picture that in order to be super duper cool, one needs to act super duper in love on this particular fateful day every year. Furthermore, one needs to book a table at every single restaurant in the neighbourhood, since you never know what your other half will wake up fancying on the big day, and spend half one’s salary on dead flowers and 50 shades of pink candy.

I get it, you know, I get it. I’ll never be cool. I’ll never be a candy, dead flowers person. And perhaps a hundred years from now, when I’ll be old and wise and still very much a hottie, I’ll look back on these times and regret having let so many Valentine’s Days go unnoticed. But for now, I guess I’m a bit of a Valentine’s Grinch, and you lovely Valentine’s frenzied people have no choice but to love my Grinchy self, it being the week of slushy love and all.

As luck would have it, our anniversary is on the 17th, so by the time most people will finally be on the path to recovery from their Valentine’s sugar induced comas, V. and I will have lived in sin for another exact number of years. As always, we’ve had to delay our anniversary trip by a week, as every restaurant, hotel and street corner is overbooked everywhere on the planet for the coming weekend of love. So we’ll be spending our Valentine’s + anniversary weekend eating pizza in bed watching zombie movies. Domino’s Pizza do deliver on Valentine’s, I’ve checked. Their souls must be as dry as dry figs as well.

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