Top of the Pile #8: Life After Life

This will be my first Kate Atkinson read. I got it as a gift after I’d been purposefully avoiding it in bookshops (in spite of knowing it had won the Costa Award).

The truth is, I’ve got mixed feelings about Costa winning books. I really liked Small Island and Bring Up the Bodies, but Pure was just like, meh. So I guess I was waiting to learn a bit more about Life After Life before I actually got it for myself. Not to mention that I was also a little put off by the cover, which for some dumb reason reminds me of the Twilight ones. I know I know, I’m infinitely superficial and don’t even deserve the privilege to get my filthy fingers on a Twilight book. And I’m sure it comes as quite the surprise that me of all people, a born and bred vampire sympathizer, am not that much into Twilight. Oh well, stranger things have happened I’d think.

I could, of course, blab about Twilight forever, but let’s not forget that this post is in fact meant to be about Atkinson’s book.

My pretty much brand new laptop died a sudden, painful (for me, at least!) death yesterday, so I drowned my sorrow in books and managed to finish Dear Life, which I immediately followed with about 50 pages from Life After Life. I do like it, but I’ve got this bad feeling that this business of telling the same story over and over again slightly tweaked each time might get a bit boring after a while. We’ll see.


Dear Life was quite a nice little book, really. A few stories in particular were absolutely beautiful, and I think Munro might just have hooked me up on short stories as a genre again. I am on a hunt for more of her writing, trying oh so hard not to click that Amazon purchase button for now, while I’ve still got such a huge book pile to deal with.

3 thoughts on “Top of the Pile #8: Life After Life

  1. I’m in a reading blackout. I couldn’t find anything good lately, so I just stopped looking. I’m re-reading old favorites at this moment, but I can’t wait to fall in love with a new book. I like that feeling, when I’m reading something and stop all the time just to marvel about the construction of a sentence, the powerful words floating in front of me, like a wonderland created just to bring me joy.


    • I know what you mean, I haven’t read what I call a 5 star book in the longest time! I’ve got days when I’m overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of books out there, and depressed I’ll never have the time to read them all, but then there are days when I feel like there’s absolutely nothing worth reading in the world. Slightly unbalanced I’d say. And the fact that I seldom pick a book based on friends recommending it (I trust nobody! 🙂 ) doesn’t help.


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