Top of the Pile #9: The Lowland

V. got me this one as part of a surprise Amazon gift a couple of weeks back and of course it quickly jumped to the top of my reading pile. I’m no stranger to Jhumpa Lahiri’s writing, having read both Interpreter of Maladies and The Namesake. And while I very much enjoyed the latter, Interpreter of Maladies happens to be my favorite short stories collection ever. To think I got it for what would be half a pound, on a book sale day in Romania!

I have high expectations of The Lowland, of course. I’ll be reading part of it during our anniversary trip this weekend, and as it always happens with me and books read on the road, I’ll forever associate it with this trip and this time of our life together. So it’d better be good!


Life After Life was absolutely beautiful. I hadn’t read any of Atkinson’s writing before, and I had my silly misconceptions about the book based on the design of the cover (crazy, I know!) and the few insubstantial reviews I’d read online, but guess what, it was spectacular in many many ways. Originally I’d thought that this telling and retelling of the same story, slightly altered each time, would turn out quite, well, boring. When in fact, I found it very original and satisfying to unravel. I can’t think of anything I didn’t like about Life After Life. Some less than perfect details might come to me at some point later on, but for now I’m still drunk on WWII London atmosphere and beautiful beautiful writing.

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