February This and That: Perfection, Perfection, Perfection

I’ve been a good girl this month and have done quite a bit of posting here, so there’s not a lot of stuff left for my February wrap up. YAY for bullet points, I’d be nothing without them.

I will share one thing with you though: It seems I’m finally growing up. It’s taken me almost 30 years but who’s counting, what matters is that I’m finally shaping up into a super duper perfect in all ways adult. How dare I claim this, you ask? It’s simple. This month, I’ve been doing all the right, responsible things that responsible adults do.

  • First, I’ve gone organic. No, I’m not talking about tomatoes and cheese, gone are the days when my organic food mania kept me stuck for hours in my superstore veggie section, obsessively analyzing every leaf. These days, I also spend a couple of hours in the beauty section of the same store, the staff of which I’ve been so incessantly bugging about natural ingredients and planet friendly containers that I’m sure they’re now actively planning my assassination. So this is my life now. I’ve got mountains of organic shampoos, face creams and mascaras, and I’ve even replaced my red dangerous lipstick with a friendly red tinted lip balm made of stuff I’d expect to find in gingerbread recipes, not in cosmetics. Of course I’m still super duper sexy, even more so, I’d say!, though I often end up eating my gingerbread flavored lip balm before I get a chance to show it off. I’m also looking forward to waking up one day looking ten years younger all of a sudden. Organic teenage skin, oh yeah!
  • Then, I’m also close to completing my transformation into an organically lip balmed dolphin. I’m actively working towards this by drinking, humanity!!!, at least two liters of water a day, every day. My desk at work is so cramped with bottles, glasses and paper cups that I look like I’m training to become a drink mixer. Among other super duper benefits, this who-cares-about-breathing-I’m-all-about-water thing is bound to make me look even younger. Combined with the effects of my all-organic makeup routine, I’ll soon look like a five year old.
  • To top off this irreproachable attitude towards life I’ve been developing, I’ve also been taking advantage of the nice spring weather we’ve been having lately, and instead of taking the company bus home in the evening, I’ve been walking. I know, I’m so close to perfection it’s unbelievable. Now, don’t think I have to plod my way across London, perhaps having to swim across the Thames  once or twice in the process. In fact, as I’ve pretty much got the easiest London commute you could wish for, walking it is no big deal really. Google says it should take me a little over an hour, but super duper fit as I am, and mostly terrified by the tangled badly lit streets I have to travel, I usually make it home in about 45 minutes.

So that’s it for February. As you can see I’ve been very busy becoming the image of perfection my mother’s always dreamed for me, and I’m planning for a no less than perfect spring ahead!

2 thoughts on “February This and That: Perfection, Perfection, Perfection

  1. Kudos on your quest for organic health. I am following a similar path these days, hoping to capture a bit of that new youthfulness as I sneak up on 65. Thank you for following me at Triggershorse. – Fawn


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