Top of the Pile #14: The Magic Mountain

I’ve been a lousy lousy reader these past couple of weeks, so not only did I manage to finish just one book (Clive Cussler’s Cyclops), but I’m also way behind on my National Geographic reading, with three (THREE!!!) hardly-brand-new-anymore magazines I’ve yet to take out of their plastic sleeves. I guess I could conveniently blame it all on my crazy house hunting habits and the ever growing pile of Ideal Home magazines I’ve been devouring instead, but that really wouldn’t help making me feel any less guilty about it.

So I’ve decided that the best way to tackle this sense of guilt is to take on a substantial, everybody’s-read-it-but-me classic, and finish it in like, half a day. Hence, Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain. I’ve been meaning to read it in a long long time but somehow it always lost the race in favour of other, more I don’t know… fashionable?… short?… accessible?… books.

But these weeks, I’ve been hearing a lot about The Magic Mountain. My mother and one of my closest friends are reading it and raving about it every time they get a chance, then there have been references to it in other books I’ve been reading recently (Dear Life comes to mind), and I’m definitely not one to ignore all these miraculous signs and go on with my Ideal Home dominated reading life like nothing’s happened.

So it’s The Magic Mountain time these days! I already know what it’s about and of course I’ve got a million billion unrealistic expectations, which is always fun and games. My Kindle says I’ve managed the incredible performance of reading 3% of it in two days, which really is absolutely shameful, I know, so please send your encouraging, hopeful energies my way if I’m to finish it before I’m forty.


It’s not that I didn’t like Cyclops, but more like I didn’t like reading, breathing, eating and all other life supporting activities these last couple of weeks. I know, this psycho house hunting madness will very likely end up killing me. Oh well.

It’s taken me a long long time to finish this book (recommended to me via the Recommend Me a Book page by lovely blo), perhaps because I’ve been doing it in two pages a day sessions, in between house hunting centered hysteria episodes. In fact, it’s been an easy, captivating read, and under normal circumstances I definitely would have very much welcomed the change from my recent historical literature pattern. And since I’ve been such a reader from hell throughout my Cyclops experience, I got a couple more books from Cussler’s Dirk Pitt series and am planning to redeem myself in the coming months.

That’s it for now from the geeky reading front. Back to work and a Magic Mountain themed lunch break! Oh and in the meantime, if you haven’t recommended me anything to read yet, you can do it here.

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