Hear ye, hear ye!

This marks my very own, super duper hundredth post on London Geek. Drum roll please.

I’d like to thank my mother, my hair stylist and all of my fans who stuck by my side throughout this time of trials and tribulations, and I dedicate this accomplish..

Seriously now.

It’s been great. I know it’s no big thing for you people, most of you being so much more versed in this blogging deal than me, but I never thought I could do it, and I must say I do feel quite proud of myself.

Since I first noticed that Post 100 was slowly approaching, I’ve been beating my brains out to come up with a significant, 100 milestone worthy writing idea, and of course I eventually failed.

Keen to somehow mark the event nonetheless, I’ve combed through my blogging archives and managed to extract a couple of absolutely vital nuggets of information about this 100-posts-or-bust journey you’ve hopefully enjoyed alongside me at least a fraction of how much I have.

So here it goes.

Including this post, I’ve written a total of 60,471 words.

I know I know, that’s about 600 words per post which isn’t even in the least impressive, but it adds to, Whoa!!!, roughly the size of a short novel. Who knew I had it in me!

Your favourite posts* around here are kind of surprising.

Believe it or not, you’re more into my sad, lovey-dovey posts rather than the happy-happy-joy-joy-yet-super-informative ones. It’s true that I’ve been predisposed to writing a lot more about my feelings lately rather than joke around as I used to in the beginnings of this blogging journey. It could be that we’re all going through a bit of the spring blues, or I might have just figured out that mushy feelings make you tick and I’m taking full advantage of your weakness. I’ll never tell.

*based on a super duper complex algorithm taking into account a mix of likes, comments and view counts.

I’m stubbornly sticking to the title of this blog, and most often write about geeky-boring stuff, like my past and my books.

That’s pretty much all I could come up with. Super interesting, life changing stuff, I know!

In true character, I’ve got no particular, majestic plans for the future of this place, but I really hope I’ll manage to stick around for a while. I’m off to sip some virtual champagne now (aka do a bit of Sunday morning 9gag-ing, tall glass of orange juice in dangerous proximity of my keyboard).

Thanks for reading.

I mean really. Thanks!

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