On My Nightstand

Infinite Jest CoverDavid Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest

So yeah. I’ve been reading this beauty since early June, and I’m slowly, oh so very slowly approaching the end of its first third. My snail paced progress is not entirely Wallace’s fault, as tricky a read as he may be. I mainly blame the fact that this summer of mine has been a summer of many things, but not a particularly bookish one. I’ve traveled, house hunted, sleepwalked, been ill, busy, mad at people, and done very little to no reading throughout.

There’s still quite a bit of traveling and hunting of various kinds in my near future, but I’m also more determined than ever to get back in reading shape, and proving Wallace who’s boss is my main priority right now.

Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan CoverLuke Syson, Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan

I’ve had this one on my nightstand since January 2012 (I know!), when together with V and two of my lovely geeky colleagues at the time we managed to get tickets for the Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan exhibition at The National Gallery.

I bought it in the shop on our way out, and I’ll admit I was lying when I said it’s been on my nightstand for two and a half years, what with it really being twice the size of my nightstand. So in fact it’s been gathering dust on my Art shelf (yup, I’ve got an Art shelf, geek jokes are welcomed) and I’ve been reading a couple of pages at a time in the evenings until, well, until I pretty much forgot about it.

I’ve now brought it back into our bedroom, determined to no longer ignore it for years and finally finish it once and for all. It still doesn’t fit the top of my nightstand, so it’s lying on the floor by the bed at the moment, much to V’s daily outrage of course, who’s not once threatened divorce upon stumbling over my floor scattered reading paraphernalia.

Aimless Love CoverBilly Collins, Aimless Love: New and Selected Poems

I bought this in April on an impulse Waterstone’s shopping spree, and it’s the only poetry collection I’ve been constantly reading since. I never push myself when it comes to poetry, so I’ve been taking my time with Aimless Love as well, reading a poem every couple of days or so. But it’s been quite a while now, not to mention that I’ve got about a dozen poetry volumes on my reading list at the moment, so it’s time I finished Aimless Love already and made room for new stuff next to my bedside lamp.

On Writing CoverStephen King, On Writing

This is a new one. V only brought it home on Friday, as the final item in my latest Creative Writing themed Amazon order. Coincidentally I’ve been buying a lot of books dealing with writing techniques lately. I’m not some undercover writer-to-be, geeking out during the day and studying the scribbling craft on the side into the night hours. But I’ve been listening to some Literature podcasts these days and several Creative Writing book recommendations popped up there that I happened to find interesting myself after a bit of research.

Stephen King’s On Writing is probably the most accessible of the Writing related volumes I’ve recently bought, hence why I picked it first, as I was feeling like I could really use a break from Infinite Jest yesterday after work. It’s true, I was so tired that I fell asleep after less than 15 pages, at 8PM and for more than 3 hours, which says tons about how messed up my life is these days.

That’s it as far as my nightstand goes these days, book-wise at least, as I must admit said nightstand also sports a mountainous mess of tangled phone chargers, lipsticks, vitamin pill bottles and hair pins. But hey, who’s got time to tidy up the flat when you’ve got so many awesome books to read.

What are you lovely people reading these days? Have you been struggling with anything for what feels like an infinite amount of time, or are your nightstands perfectly organized and you summer reading on track?

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