3 thoughts on “Happy Blog Birthday to Me!

  1. Happy B-day, and many more to come!
    this is one of my favourite places, and the view is great!
    you are this hot, spiritual, funny and quirky girl, a great writer, and I am happy I found you :*


    • Yay, I’m hot, humanity, I’m HOT!!!!! :)))

      Jokes aside, thanks so much for dropping by every once in a while. I won’t pretend this is the most super duper interesting of places, so it’s such a lovely surprise to find and be found by lovely people like you 🙂

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  2. me? lovely? 😀 awwww.. now I’ll have to be nice to you.. :)))
    and stop putting this blog down. it has good writing, it’s not supposed to be the national geographic channel. I don’t want “interesting”, I want nice poems and lovely watercolour paintings, the ones you can paint like no other, using a simple keyboard.


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